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In Case of an Emergency...

emergencybttnIn a life-threatening emergency, please dial  911  right away. 

Give your name, address, and the nature of the emergency for a prompt response.  *The 911 system is able to locate addresses and phone ID of caller as well as maintain communication with fire, police, hospital, etc. personnel in the field.

To prepare sensibly for possible emergencies go to http://www.tompkinsready.org/  Tompkins County Emergency Preparation website

This site has guidance for residents on how to prepare for emergencies that may occur. The best emergency preparation is done with thoughtfulness and detailed organization ahead of time. This site also has updates on any emergency conditions that may be developing in the County such as: road closings, icy road alerts, weather alerts, etc. Here you will also find tips on safe use of generators and other winter heating devices, as well as, the radio stations that carry up-to-date alerts and information.

It is wise to study the section on power outages because they are likely to happen at some point in our area.

  Planning for your pets' care in an emergency situation is an important task.

Access to a warm shelter and adequate food and water can be challenging in a town-wide emergency situation.
Visiting the websites below will help you better plan ahead for their care in an emergency.

aspca pro Emergency Preparedness Guide for Pet Owners | ASPCA ...

This appealing and helpful brochure urges pet owners to prepare for natural disasters. Share it with your adopters or veterinary clients -- or use it as a basis for ...

An excerpt from the Tompkins ready website –
In an emergency, public safety officials will inform you of what to do. These announcements will come in the form of television and radio bulletins, so make sure your emergency supply kit has a battery-powered radio in it! The bulletins are likely to advise you to do one of three things: 
  1. Stay put and stay tuned. 
    • Gather the family and keep your pets close by. 
    • Stay in your home. 
    • Keep listening to the radio for further developments. 
  2. Evacuate if you are told to do so. 
    • Grab your emergency supply kit
    • Gather your family -- anyone who is home (including pets). 
    • If You Have Time 
      • Unplug all appliances, turn off all lights, and shut off the electricity to the house (at the main breaker box). This prevents damage to electrical appliances due to power surges. 
      • Shut off your home's water supply at the main water valve. This prevents floodwater or sewage from entering your home through the pipes. 
      • If there is a flood coming, move furniture and valuables to a higher floor. 
      • Call someone out of town to tell them where you are going and when you expect to get there. 
      • Shut and lock all windows; lock the doors.
      • Follow evacuation instructions given by local officials. Sometimes, they will instruct you to go to a nearby shelter. 
  3. Shelter in Place (usually only in hazardous materials or bioterror incidents): 
Please note the reference to the emergency supply kit. The detailed list can be found on tompkinsready.org under the -emergency preparation- button. Additional emergency planning lists can be found specifically for the elderly, special needs individuals, young children, and for households with pets.

Below is a list of potential emergencies and the responsible partner for handling the crisis.
  • Power Outage:  NYSEG/ Town of Lansing
  • Power Lines Down NYSEG/ Lansing Highway Dept.
  • Ice Storm: Lansing Highway Department/ County Sherriff’s Office/Town of Lansing
  • Sever Wind Damage TC Emergency/ Town of Lansing-Highway and Fire Depts.
  • Wash-outs Lansing Highway Department
  • Flooding Emergency Lansing Highway Dept./Lansing Fire Dept./Town of Lansing
  • House Fire Lansing Fire Department
  • Brush Fire Lansing Fire Department
  • Car Accidents Lansing Fire Dept./ TC Sherriff/ EMT
  • Chemical Spill Lansing Fire Dept./ TC Emergency Dept.
  • Disease TC Health Dept./Town of Lansing/ Lansing Central Schools
  • Earthquakes Town of Lansing/ TC Emergency Dept.
  • Gas leak or explosion 911/ NYSEG/Lansing Fire and Highway Departments
  • Terrorism TC Sherriff Dept./TC Emergency Dept./Town of Lansing
Useful Contact Numbers

NYSEG  **Dangerous Electrical situation- call 911  

Gas Emergency   1 (800) 572-1121 Power outage  1 (800) 572-1131

Bang’s Ambulance (607) 277-4911

Town of Lansing
Highway Department (607) 533-4328
Supervisor’s Office (607) 533-8996/8819
Codes Office (607) 533-7054

TC Health Department (607) 274-6600 http://www.tompkinscountyny.gov/health

Lansing Town Hall, 29 Auburn Road, Lansing, NY 14882
Supervisor & Town Board 533-8896 or 533-8819, Clerk 533-4142, Code Enforcement & Zoning 533-7054 (fax: 533-3507),
Court 533-4776, Highway 533-4328, Parks & Recreation 533-7388

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